Five signs that you should upgrade to a new eCommerce platform

Technology is rapidly changing and to stay on top of your game, you should be able to keep pace. ECommerce platforms that do not update their features and functionalities will remain behind those who can keep up with the trends. Another important consideration in choosing an app to sell online is the ability of the platform to stay up to date. Staying with an eCommerce platform that “stays behind” will also put your online business behind your competitors. It is important that you upgrade to a more recent version or an updated platform for you to efficiently sell online.Learn more about How to Sell Online

  1. When you have to weave through different sources to get your data

If you find yourself or your team spending way too much time trying to make something out of the data from different sources and systems, it tells you need an upgraded platform. Aside from selling online, eCommerce platforms are supposed to automate everything so that an online business owner will have everything he needs at the click of the mouse. So if you’re platform is giving you a hard time instead of an easy one, it’s time to switch.

  1. When your platform makes you wish for more

Most apps that sell online offer a one-stop solution for all your eCommerce needs. They compete with each other to be the most complete platform to serve the needs of an online business owner. You should be able to manage your products, sell it, track its shipping, handle your inventory and do other things, as well. Now, if the platform you are currently using falls short of what an ideal eCommerce platform should have, its probably time to part ways with that platform. learn more Magento

  1. When the platform you’re using keeps you from expanding

An online business owner usually starts with the basic features of a platform. As his business grows, there is a need for him to give his customers an easier time in purchasing products from his online store. If you need to buy additional software or if you need to call a tech guy to do those codes for you to be able to expand the service offered by your site, then it’s time to look for another app that will let you sell online which is more dynamic and offers a lot more.

  1. When you don’t have your data right away when you need it

Information is crucial to every kind of business. This is more essential if you have to sell online. ECommerce activities are so rapid that there is a need to be swift as well. You need to adapt to the changes and you can only do so if you’re armed with the right kind and amount of information that should be accessible to you anytime. Now, if you cannot have your website traffic, sales, and product movement report because your eCommerce platform failed to produce one right away, then its to bid that platform farewell.

  1. When your eCommerce platform does not give the support your sales need

Seamless operation. This is the goal we’re going for if we are using an eCommerce platform. We know that showcasing a product alone will not grow our business. We need the platform to be integrated with other services that will support our sales such as marketing, customer relationship management, helpdesk and others. We need to have it in one app for us to use our time productively. If you find yourself transferring from one platform to another just to send a confirmation email to your customer, then its time to look for another one which will never let you open another tab in your Google Chrome again. 10 Google Analytics Custom Alerts For Ecommerce

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