8 Marketing Apps In iPhone Where You Can Sell Your Product Online

If you think you need to run your online business in an ecommerce platform to make money in selling online, you are mistaken. There are now apps that are readily available in your iPhone, which you can use as your starting point.

Below we reveal the top 8 marketing apps you can use to sell online;

  1. Letgo

  • This app requires at least an iOS 8.0 to maximize its features. It is compatible with most Apple devices, including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
  • Letgo allows its users to sell clothes, furniture, and cars as well.
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  1. 5Miles

  • This app lends a feeling of security as you only get to transact with people just within 5 miles from your location.
  • It integrates with your email, Facebook account, and phone, which makes it safer and easier to use.
  1. Etsy

  • With 20 million users, Etsy is easily one of the most popular Anthony Castonzo Men Jersey ecommerce platforms today. They sell unique gifts, handmade items, and vintage goods.
  • Its payment method is secure and fast, which is what makes it even more reputable.
  1. eBay

  • Also one of the pioneer online shopping apps, eBay has stayed true to its promise of improving shopping experience.
  • It lets users post unlimited number of products in various categories like watches, mobile phones, and motors.
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  1. Offerup

  • This app features thousands of new listings every day. There are regular updates which improve user experience.
  • Products are posted categorically, too, for easier searching.
  1. Close 5

  • This fun app allows users to buy and sell stuff in their local area. They allow a wide range of products including clothing and household items.
  • If you like a product but can’t buy it yet, you have the option to save the item for the future.
  1. Tradesy

  • This app has millions of users enjoying online shopping without too much fuss. They allow products like clothing and shoes.
  • They take 14.9% of commission from every sale.
  1. Carousell

  • This app offers a community-based platform for buying and selling household and fashion items.
  • It also allows users to share listings in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These apps not only allow you to make money from the stuff you no longer use. But they can also serve as your practice platforms for when you want to take online business seriously. Five signs that you should upgrade to a new eCommerce platform

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