10 Google Analytics Custom Alerts For Ecommerce

In seriously marketing for an online business, one must make extra efforts in learning SEO and Google Analytics. The former is a technique used in generating cheap jerseys China web traffic that can then be converted into sales, while the latter is an easy way to track your progress.

The best thing about Google Analytics is that is provides a way where You can receive alerts through SMS and email during traffic spikes or traffic drops. This is important, so you can take the necessary actions in case your website needs them. View top ecommerce platforms 

What are the custom alerts you should set for your online business?

  1. Flatline traffic. From its name, you receive this alert when no one have visited your website in the duration of the time period you have specified. This is one of the alerts you should really give your attention and immediately take action on.
  2. Traffic spiked. This one would give you the inspiration to a tiring day. It is always great to know when your website has generated more traffic than usual.
  3. Traffic dropped. When your website has lesser traffic generation, you receive this alert. This is useful so you know when to set posts for your site, as you have an idea on the time when most people are visiting and browsing.
  4. Increase in social traffic. You get this alert for every successful post in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You should follow suit, and keep doing the posts that generated more traffic than the others.
  5. Page load time spiked. This one needs action, too. You get this when your site takes slower to load. You might want to check your servers to make sure your customers have optimum experience.
  6. Drop in revenue. This one notifies you when your sales decrease. You can opt to trigger these more frequently, so you can be prompted to log in to Google Analytics to have a better look of what’s going on.
  7. Spiking bounce rates. Bounces refer to sessions that just entered and exited your site without interaction.
  8. New sessions spike. You get these alerts when your site gets browsed by new visitors and customers. This could also enable to send them personalized emails that could lead to a good https://www.jerseysvipstore.com seller-buyer relationship.
  9. Drop in conversion goals. You receive these alerts when your goals conversion either drops or spikes. You can set up your own goals and be regularly updated on their progress.
  10. Transaction drop. These alerts are sent to you if you are tracking your online business site’s checkout activity.
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Maximize Google Analytics by really looking closely to where wholesale hockey jerseys China your online business is headed. Make the most of vipjerseystore these alerts to know how you can keep up the good work or improve your marketing efforts.

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