10 Helpful Hints for Selling Printable

Are you planning to start selling printable? Well, it is important to ensure that you have enough knowledge and skills on how to go about it. Your want to create something that will sell and earn a profit in return. Therefore there are some things that you should know before you start creating printable. They include;

  1. Ask your customers

It is always advisable that before you start creating printables, you do your research. Ask several people about what they are interested in reading, and this will guide you in designing something that will gain clients. You can come up with several ideas and post them on social Media platforms such as Facebook, and then set up a poll whereby you chose the one with most likes and positive comments.

  1. Select the right program for you

There are so many programs that you can find on your computer such as Adobe, Microsoft word, Photoshop elements and even Microsoft Excel. All you need is to select the one that you have enough knowledge working with, and the one that will not give you problems when creating printables. Learn about, Shopify app

  1. Use unique typography

It is always advisable that you ensure your work is unique and exciting such that people will be attracted to read it and not seem like something they can do on their own. You can use Typography to achieve this as there are so many fonts that you can download for free and incorporate them into your work. Therefore, make sure that your end result is attractive and unique.

  1. Use clip art

Clip art is a great way to make your work look creative. There are a lot of photography sites that you can find online, therefore, buy a clip art and remake them to fit your job and use them in your work. Some clients would like to know the type of materials that you have used to create your work and therefore it’s important that you include some details about it. Give as much information as possible to ensure your customer is fully satisfied.

  1. Add copyright disclaimer

If you want your work to be recognized as yours, then you should make sure that you secure it in the form of PDF form and indicate the work is for personal use. This will prevent someone copying your work or even claiming it.

  1. Secure your job

Apart from saving your work in the form of PDF, you can put a password as well. This will prevent anyone from viewing your work as you have to key in a password to access the printables.

  1. Test your job

Check your work before printing and posting. This will help you detect any errors such as letter omission, wrong spelling and more. Hence you can rectify it before printing it.

  1. Be helpful to customers

After posting your work, you may find that you get clients who would have queries about your job. Others may be asking for your guidance and it’s, therefore, good to be helpful.

  1. Share your printables

If you want your customer base to increase, then share your work widely. Use all the social media platforms, create videos and post on YouTube, and in return, you will increase the number of clients.